Three Candidates in HD 66 Agree on Majority of Issues

Three Candidates in HD 66 Agree on Majority of Issues

The three Republican candidates running in the special election to fill the vacancy from House District 66 disagree on some key issues (see chart at right).

But they agree on the vast majority of issues.

An analysis of questionnaires filed by candidates Buddy Amoroso, Rick Bond, and Darrell Ourso with the East Baton Rouge Republican Parish Executive Committee shows that they agree on the following:

• The U.S. Constitution should be strictly followed as written.

• The death penalty should be continued.

• Louisiana’s Public Records Law should be strengthened.

• No additional gun control measures should be adopted.

• Louisiana’s open carry law should be continued.

• Neither the state nor federal government should have access to citizens’ private communications without a warrant signed by the judge particularly describing the person, place, and lawful reason for the search or seizure.

• No further restrictions on the right to property should be adopted.

• Hate crime laws should be defeated.

• No legislation similar to the Baton Rouge “Fairness Ordinance” should be adopted by the legislature.

• Louisiana’s right to work law should be retained.

• Louisiana should not comply with the federal Real I.D. law.

• Able-bodied citizens should be required to work as a prerequisite to receiving “entitlement” benefits.

• The state should not adopt a minimum wage law.

• Arbitrary restrictions on exploration for oil and gas should be repealed.

• Fracking should be allowed.

• Obamacare should be repealed.

• The state and federal governments should oppose a carbon tax and cap-and-trade legislation.

• State and local officials in Louisiana should enforce federal immigration laws within our borders.

• Since only U.S. citizens can vote, illegal aliens should not be counted for purposes of apportionment and redistricting.

• There is no legitimate constitutional right to an abortion.

• The federal role in local public education should be reduced or totally eliminated.

• Common Core should be funded and continued.

• The State of Louisiana should not participate in the collection of data from Louisiana schools and health care programs.

• Sex surveys should not be allowed in Louisiana’s public schools.

No Party candidate Susan Nelson was not sent a questionnaire, because the party only surveys Republican candidates.

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