Dec. 10: It’s About Turnout

Since the City-Parish form of government was adopted in 1949, three Mayor-Presidents have come from outside the City of Baton Rouge, but never has the parish leader come from Central. That could change Dec. 10 when voters go to the polls to choose between Democrat Sharon Weston Broome of Baton Rouge and Republican Bodi White of Central.  If Broome is elected, she will be the 2nd female Mayor-President.  Mrs. Jesse Webb served in the 1950’s when her husband was killed in an airplane crash.
Both White and Broome campaigns realize the runoff election is all about turnout — whose supporters are motivated enough to go to the polls and vote.
Democrats are counting on a large turnout from African American voters, while Republicans are hoping voters in Central, Zachary, and South Baton Rouge remember to vote. Meanwhile, both sides agree that South Baton Rouge neighborhoods such as the Garden District and Capital Heights could be critical as moderate white voters decide which way to go in the runoff.
With the prospect of a low turnout in the runoff, White is hoping voters loyal to him will defy conventional wisdom and show up on election day. For example, in Central, Trump received 11,114 votes compared to 9,390 for White.  If White can hold his base and get the rest of Trump voters to turn out, the race could be very close.

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