What Issues Will New City Have To Address in Next Few Months?

 Since February 2020, the St. George Transition District has made significant progress in planning the transition of services from the City-Parish to the City of St. George. Based on interviews with St. George leaders, some 

of the recommendations include:

•District maps for three district City Council seats and two at-large City Council seats

•Organization chart with roles and responsibilities as defined in the Lawrason Act

•Code of ordinances

•Plans for a future City-Manager position similar to Greenville, South Carolina

•First-year and full-year operating budgets

•Bank evaluations and recommendations

•Public Works scope of services including street maintenance, drainage, grass cutting, weed control, bridges, and traffic signals

•Planning and Zoning Commission structure, including roles and responsibilities

•Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQP) document to be submitted to contractors to bid on providing city services for residents and businesses

None of these recommendations have the force of law.  They are simply that — recommendations for consideration by the new Mayor and City Council of St. George.

Some of the decision points the new Mayor and Council will face over the coming weeks and months:

•Enter into agreement with a banking institution to receive revenues from the City-Parish and make payments on behalf of St. George

•Approve the first-year operating budget

•Determine the amount of an interim loan to bridge the 75-day delay in sales tax revenues being remitted by the City-Parish

•Formally issue the Request for Qualifications and Proposals to contractors to provide services to St. George residents and businesses for a five-year term

•Work with East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office to determine the cost and timing of additional safety and security services beyond the Sheriff’s current obligations

•Negotiate financial and fixed equipment assets to be transferred to St. George (such as reserve fund balances and equipment)

•Quantify the statutory financial liabilities to the City-Parish, such as the Employee Retirement System and other post employment benefits

•Work with the City-Parish to align service fees associated with Animal Control, Alcohol Beverage Control, and new construction sewer capacity impact

•Develop a joint proposal with the City-Parish to the Environmental Protection Agency for a separate Storm Water Management Plan.

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