Free Oral Cancer Screenings April 24

Free Oral Cancer Screenings April 24

Dr. Steve Weilbacher Using New Technology To Detect Early Signs Of Cancer of Mouth

BATON ROUGE — Until pap smears, cervical cancer was one of the biggest killers.  But pap smears allowed cervical cancer to be caught earlier and treated more successfully.

Unfortunately, oral cancer is now three times more common than cervical cancer.  Yet, few people routinely have themselves tested for oral cancer.

Now Dr. Steve Weilbacher, 2321 Drusilla Lane, Suite A, is offering new technology that allows quick, easy, painfree, and harmless screening for oral cancer.  The results are available immediately.

Normally, dentists look for flesh which is abnormally white or red,  but this method is unreliable.  The new technology uses a florescent light.  Under the light, black spots are signs of possible cancer, and the patient should be referred to an oral surgeon.

Dr. Weilbacher said one of the reasons oral cancer is much more common today is the human papilloma virus.  It can be transmitted by oral sex.  “Oral sex is not safe sex,” he said.

Dr. Weilbacher said catching oral cancer early can mean the cancer can be treated more conservatively and with better results.

He said that by the time oral cancer can be seen with the naked eye, it is often more serious cancer in stage three or four.

If a black spot is detected, it can be photographed and the photo sent to a specialist.

Dr. Weilbacher often refers patients to Dr. Richard Akin, who is an oral surgeon who is both a dentist and an M.D.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Weilbacher for free oral cancer screening, call 928-3384.

LUMIDay Coming April 24

On Wednesday, April 24, Dr. Weilbacher will also be offering free LUMISmile Digital Makeovers.  This is an opportunity to see how Lumineers could transform your smile.

There is no charge for this service.

The digital makeover takes about 30 minutes and will give you a preview of how your smile could look.

Lumineers have many advantages:

• Instant whitening that lasts

• Extraordinarily strong

• No shots and no pain

• No drilling of sensitive tooth structure

When Lumineers or the Snap-On Smile are ordered during the day, they will be subject to significant discounts.

Dr. Weilbacher began offering Lumineers to his patients in 2009, and he said he has been very pleased with the results.

Lumineers cover individual teeth with a thin protective layer.  On the other hand, the Snap-On Smile fits over the entire top or bottom teeth and is removed every night.

One of the advantages of Lumineers is that often very little and sometimes no tooth has to be removed.  The Snap-On Smile doesn’t normally involve removal of parts of a tooth, since it fits over the existing teeth.

To set an appointment to get your free LUMISmile Digital Makeover, call Dr. Weilbacher’s office at 225-928-3384.

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