GOP Backs Slate for Mayor, Council; Dems Make No Endorsements So Far

The Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish has endorsed Sen. Bodi White for Mayor-President and candidates for Metro Council in all eight districts where Republicans are running.
In addition to Sen. White, the party endorsed:
•    Metro Council Dist. 3 – Chandler Loupe
•    Metro Council Dist. 4 – Scott Wilson
•    Metro Council Dist. 5 – Joe Dorsey
•    Metro Council Dist. 8 – Buddy Amoroso
•    Metro Council Dist. 9 – Dwight Hudson
•    Metro Council Dist. 11 –
David Vincent and Matt Watson
•    Metro Council Dist. 12 – Sal Christina
The 17-member Republican Parish Executive Committee submitted an extensive questionnaire on policy issues to each of the candidates and interviewed them individually. Under its rules, the committee votes for or against endorsing each candidate separately. One candidate was endorsed in each Metro Council District except Dist. 11 where both David Vincent and Matt Watson were endorsed.
The endorsed candidates will be included in the party’s publicity and allowed to leave their signs and literature at the parish Republican headquarters, 711 Jefferson Hwy. The candidates may use the words “Endorsed by the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish” in their literature.

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