Flood of 2016 Presented Greatest Challenge

The Great Flood of August 2016 swept into North Baton Rouge with a vengeance, flooding areas that had never flooded and areas that everyone agreed would never flood.
One of those areas was Winbourne at Airline.  Hi Nabor Supermarket got three to four feet of water, which devastated the store.
Without flood insurance, the Crifasi family was left to fend for themselves. Perhaps in part for that reason, the family had no reason to delay and moved forward immediately to gut the store and stop the mold from growing.
Hi Nabor’s store on Winbourne is still its most successful location, and closing the store was not even a possibility.
Crews worked day and night.
Then after four weeks of backbreaking labor, the store was ready to re-open!  This was six months to a year earlier than other similar stores which were hit by the flood. Today, there is little if any evidence in the store that a flood occurred.
Hi Nabor on Winbourne is a busy store, typically packed with business. A couple of years ago, a local organization made the statement that there is no supermarket in 70805, but that’s not true. Hi Nabor is a very successful 40,000 square foot supermarket with a wide variety of quality meat, produce, and grocery items in 70805.

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