Real Time Crime Center

By next year, law enforcement officers on their way to a crime scene in East Baton Rouge Parish could be much better prepared for whatever awaits them.
Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul says an officer typically has only two to three minutes from the time he is dispatched until he reaches the call. Too often, the chief says, the officer arrives with only the most basic information.
However, if Paul, Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, and District Attorney Hillar Moore have their way, that two to three minutes will be used to brief the officers on a great deal of information on what they are about to face.
This will be accomplished by establishment of a Real Time Crime Center, which will bring together all available information, including the location, its history of crime problems, information on individuals at the scene, real time video, license plate reader information, and much more.
Sgt. Neal Noel said the Baton Rouge City Police and Sheriff’s office hope to open the facility next year. Other law enforcement agencies will be invited to participate, he said. The result could be officers better prepared to face difficult situations at the crime scene.

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