Sen. Jeff Sessions Would Be Excellent for VP

People Are Wondering who Donald Trump will choose for Vice President. Sen. Jeff Sessions would be a great choice.

First, let me discuss two myths that are widely believed.

•Myth No. 1 – If we nominate so-and-so, we will carry a certain state. The usual suspect this time is John Kasich. If we just nominate Kasich, Trump will carry Ohio. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. People vote for President, not Vice President.

•Myth No. 2 – We must nominate a woman or aminority. Sorry, same answer as No. 1. People vote for President, not Vice President.

Now here’s why Sessions is the man for the job:

1- Jeff Sessions was the only Senator to support Trump, which shows true loyalty and shared values.

2- Jeff Sessions is one of the most conservative members of the Senate, which will allow Trump to solidify the base by reassuring supporters of Sen. Cruz and others that Trump will be a conservative President.

3- Jeff Sessions is very well respected in the Senate and is capable of presiding over the Senate and leading the Senate to adopt Trump’s legislative agenda.

4- As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions is well acquainted with the kind of Supreme Court and other judges we need. As the presiding officer of the Senate, he will steer those decisions in the right direction.

5- As Vice President, Jeff Sessions would have Trump’s ear and would always be advising him to do the conservative thing.

6- If anything happened to Trump, Jeff Sessions would govern as a strong conservative.

7- Jeff Sessions is from Alabama, and we need a Southerner on the ticket.

Sen. Sessions is a great man, and he will be a great Vice President, if given the opportunity.

The Most Outrageous Political Event of the Month was innocent men, women, and even the elderly being attacked by radical leftist thugs and gang members as they left the Trump Rally in San Jose, California.  They beat peaceful citizens for no reason other than the fact that they support Donald Trump.  These animals must be arrested and imprisoned.  If they are here illegally, they should be deported!

Americans don’t assault people because they support someone else for President.  But the reality is, most of these people aren’t Americans, are they?

The Most Moving Scene was the American girl taunted by violent thugs and trapped by hotel employees who would not help her get to safety.  She stood there bravely representing America against the evil that is threatening this country.  She is a hero!

Free Speech in Peril in Europe.  A European Union committee has proposed  requiring that all Internet users be linked to a government-issued I.D.

Always Be Armed and Prepared to Defend Yourself.  Here in Baton Rouge last week, a man was was sitting in his car.  Another man walked up and began firing. The motive? To dig through the victim’s wallet and the glove compartment of his car in case there was something there of value… anything, maybe a few dollars or a cell phone or a watch. There may be nothing of value, but that doesn’t matter.

We must understand that for some people, your life is meaningless. It is of no value. $10 in cash is worth more to them than your life. Furthermore, these individuals have no appreciation of the consequences to you or your family and not even to themselves. There is no reasoning with such people.

However, the 2nd Amendment is here to protect us. We just have to be ready — in an instant — to defend ourself, our family or property. Otherwise, we could become a statistic… and a sorrowful memory for loved ones who survive.

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