Voters Face Important Decisions On Nov. 4

Voters Face Important Decisions On Nov. 4

Baton Rouge voters will face a host of important races on the Nov. 4 ballot but none is more significant than the U.S.

Senate seat from Louisiana. The Senate is hanging by perhaps a single vote and that vote could be decided here. If Mary Landrieu is reelected, that could mean control of the Senate could stay with the Democrats and Majority Leader Harry Reid.  If Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy or Republican candidate Col. Robb Maness wins, it could mean Republicans take control of the Senate.  The three candidates will debate the race at 7 p.m. on Oct. 14 on LPB.

Also on the ballot will be the election of a new Congressman from the Sixth District to replace Cassidy. That seat is being sought by former Gov. Edwin Edwards, a Democrat, and nine Republicans.

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