EBR Democratic Committee Ousts Parish Chairman in Unusual Move

In an unusual move, the East Baton Rouge Democratic Parish Executive Committee has voted to oust the Parish Democratic Chairman.
Former BESE member Carolyn Hill, who has served as parish leader of the party since 2017, was removed during what she characterized as an illegal meeting of the parish executive committee.
Hill said that under state law and the bylaws of the Louisiana Democratic Party, the executive committee has no power to remove the chairman.  In addition, only the chairman can call official meetings, she said, and this meeting was called by the secretary.
After the vote to remove Hill, vice chairman Brandon Decuir was named chairman, and Rep. Denise Marcelle was elected vice chairman.
In February,
the secretary called a meeting which Hill
said  was called illegally.
Party bylaws say that the chairman is elected for a four-year term and does not grant the body the power to remove the chairman.
Hill has not said what action if any she will take.
The video at left shows the February meeting of the committee, which Hill said was called illegally.

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