Louisiana Democrats Move Forward With State Gun Control Legislation

Three strong gun advocates told the Ronald Reagan Newsmaker Luncheon that legislation being pushed by Democrats in the state House and Senate threaten the right to keep and bear arms in Louisiana.
A total of 11 bills, all by Democratic senators and representatives, would shoot  holes in gun rights,
they said. Of even greater concern is the statement by the Democratic state chairman Sen. Karen Carter Peterson that she favors repealing the Second Amendment in its entirety.
Sen. Neil Riser (R-Monroe), the author of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms provision of the Louisiana Constitution; world champion marksman, Rep. Blake Miguez, and NRA state director Dr. Erin Luper went over the proposed legislation as well as five pro-gun bills that have been proposed by Republicans.
Riser said the Louisiana Constitution gives the highest level of protection to the right to keep and bear arms.  Louisiana is one of three states that subject gun control legislation to “strict scutiny,” which makes it easier for the courts to strike regulations down.
Dr. Luper said the bad bills to watch are HB277 (Marcelle-D); HB282 (Moreno-D); HB357 (Marcelle-D); HB400 (Bagneris-D); HB448 (G. Carter-D); HB473 (Smith-D); HB603 (Moreno-D); SB185 (Bishop-D); SB491 (T.Carter-D); SB274 (T. Carter-D); and SB383 (T. Carter-D).
She said the good bills to support are HB271 (Garafalo-R);  HB602 (Miguez-R); SB402 (Riser-R); HB332 (Pope-R), and HB412 (Ivey-R).

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