Luc Alexander, Shake  With Alexander Luc!

Luc Alexander, Shake With Alexander Luc!

At Central Middle School open house, Jolice Provost of Central City News had her son Luc Alexander Provost in tow when a Central High senior came in the door with her sixth grade brother and asked for instructions.  The young lady looked at Luc’s schedule and asked, “Is that his name?”  Jolice replied, “Yes it is.  Luc Alexander Provost!  He’s named after his grandfather.”
To that, the young lady replied, “Well, this is my brother.  His name is Alexander Luc Preneaux.  He’s named after someone in the family too but I don’t know who.”
Jolice and the high school student laughed at the similarity in the names and soon learned that both Luc Alexander and Alexander Luc are in the sixth grade and will be the band together!
Now they are trying to find out if young Mister Provost and young Mister Preneaux perhaps share a common ancestor.

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