What Seems So Certain Seldom Is That Way

What Seems So Certain Seldom Is That Way

I’m always so amazed when someone says a particular thing is going to happen or a certain candidate is going to be elected or a certain calamity is about to befall us.  One of the things I’ve learned in life is that no can predict the future with any accuracy and that what seems so certain one moment often turns out exactly the opposite.

Just a few weeks ago, the experts announced that Hillary Clinton had the Democratic nomination for President locked up and Jeb Bush had the Republican nomination in the bag.  What a difference a few weeks makes!  It wasn’t long ago that we were told Donald Trump wouldn’t run for President and that if he did, he would fall on his face,

A couple of weeks ago, the St. George movement was dead.  Yet, today, a new school superintendent and a new school board are pushing the same kind of reforms that St. George wanted.

Just a few weeks ago, a popular state representative, Alfred Williams, was alive and totally engaged in the affairs of this community.  He was so full of personality and good ideas, and he was a major influence in our town.  Today he sadly has passed away.  Our sincere condolences go out to his family.

We look at so many things happening in Washington and even here in our town and ask, How could that be happening in America?

Perhaps the issues that worry me the most are 1) the American holocaust of abortion, led by the ghoulish institution Planned Parenthood, 2) illegal immigration, because it threatens to change the fabric of America, 3) same-sex marriage which undermines perhaps our most fundamental human institution, and 4) the Iranian nuclear deal, which opens the door for the world’s biggest terrorist state to get nuclear weapons.

I asked Mrs. Helen Fairchild, who just celebrated her 100th birthday, how her parents would react to the news of the day, if they were here right now. Without hesitation, she said she was sure her daddy would not want to stay around.  Mrs. Fairchild is filled with wisdom, but she had no easy answers on how to get out of the mess our nation finds itself in. However, she did say something profound.

She said, “Just remember, this is still the best place there is!”

And isn’t that the truth!

This is still America!  We still have our freedom — at least for now — and we can exercise our right to speak and write and publish. We can still meet among ourselves. We can still rally and protest. We can still worship as we please.

Nothing is certain except that we are Americans, born free and endowed with a love of liberty and the willingness to fight for that liberty if need be.

But isn’t that quite enough?

Congratulations to the City of Central for receiving 1st Place from the Louisiana Municipal Association for outstanding Community Achievement by a city with a population over 25,000.

Outstanding job!

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