Opinion: Left Wants You to Live in Yesterday or Tomorrow, Not Today

The American economy is the greatest in the history of our country! Record low unemployment for all of our citizens.  The lowest unemployment rates in history for black Americans and women.
Record high stock market. Business booming and getting better.
People who are working have more money in their pockets that ever. Our gross domestic product, or GDP, the value of all our goods and services, is growing at an amazing rate. Plants are returning to America. Employers are fighting to find good workers.
But who would know it from the left-wing mainstream media? They and the Democratic Party don’t want to talk about the reality of our life today and President Trump’s policies that are improving our lives.
They want to focus on injustices of long ago, especially slavery. America is an evil nation, rooted in the exploitation of native Americans, blacks, and women. That of course is a ridiculous lie. The truth is slavery was practiced in virtually every society in the world. It was in America 170 years before the Constitution. The truth is America inherited slavery and was able to throw it off within one lifetime (1787 to 1863 — 74 years).
If not the past, the Left wants us to live in fear of their imagined climate catastrophe of the future. We only have 10 years, maybe 12, they tell us.
Be obsessed with the past, they urge, and the future — not the reality of the present and the policies that are making America great again. Ironically, they want us to embrace socialism, whose only success is making everyone a slave.

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