We Asked Readers of Our Newspaper What They Would Say to President Trump

By Woody Jenkins, editor, St. George Leader • BATON ROUGE — After Congress opened the votes from the Electoral College and Joe Biden was declared elected, our newspapers asked its readers what they would say to President Trump if they could do so — in no more than three sentences.  Here are their answers:

Patricia Keith Watts and Vee KayGee– Thank you President Trump, for demanding other nations pay their share to the United Nations. Thank you for declaring Jerusalem as capital of Israel. You are a brave soul like no other President.

Maureen Robichaux O’Brien– Thank you for being the “People’s President” and putting America first!

Terrie Matis Bourgeois and Terri Courtney:  Thank you for being pro life and pro family.

Tom Davis– Thank you, President Trump, for standing strong and never giving up!

Sybil Allis– Thank you for being there for us when we thought nobody was. We knew you had our back. Through your many rallies, we all felt a kinship with you.

Terrie Matis Bourgeois– You are the Best President ever!

Katie Detiveaux– Pro-Life March.  Exposing the Swamp!

Becky Gammon– I’d like to thank you for keeping all your promises to us and our USA! Thank you for all your great accomplishments!  Thank you for making a mockery of the mainstream media, and thank you for saving our freedom from the Chinese Communist Party and the traitors in our country.  Thank you for cutting ties with the World Health Organization. Thank you for praising Jesus and not just vaguely saying God like most politicians do.

Susan Elam Williams– Thank you for being honest and bringing God back! We are so proud to call you our President and our HERO! Promises made and promises kept!

Robelynn Abadie– Thank you for tackling difficult issues and not taking a pass. Too easy for those who proclaimed “not on my watch.”  You doubled down with undue courage.

Michael A Gallegos– Thanks for supporting our military.

Michael DiResto– Thank you for your Federal judge appointments. You have filled the federal benches with strong textualists and originalists who will call balls and strikes based on what the law says, rather than legislate from the bench and create new law out of whole cloth.  Judges who will not be swayed by whatever new progressive fad leads them to vote a “living Constitution” that erodes our fundamental freedoms.

Todd LeJune– Thank you for your tireless effort to bring peace to the Middle East and for placing our embassy in the rightful capital of Israel.

Christy Elder– Thank you for restocking the military ammunition almost immediately after becoming President.

Nicki Fontenot– Thank you, Mr. President, for fighting for America!

Darron Wilkinson– TRUMP 2020

Mona Hanchey DeFries– Thank you for your courage and wisdom; for sacrificing your golden years to help our children and grandchildren keep our country as we knew it; and thanks for being brave enough to expose the wickedness!! You are the greatest hero our country has ever seen!!

Bill Umstetter– No president has gone through as much pain and strife as you have, and no one has gotten more done. We are so blessed to have you as our president. Thank you, President Trump!

Rickey D. Wilson– Thank you for protecting our Religious Freedom, reviving our economy, and exposing the liberal-biased media.

Monica Houtz Folse– Thank you for your ability to think ahead and outsmart those in high places who make evil moves against America and our Constitution. Thank you for protecting our Freedoms.

Heather Boyd– Thank you for your steadfast sacrifices to fight for our Constitutional Freedoms!  Thank you for standing up for churches to reopen so believers can worship God together and have fellowship again! 

Susan Martin-Witherspoon– Thank you for keeping your promises. For standing beside Israel. For never giving up!

Camp Jas– You have done so many great things! You are a true American patriot!  Thank you for being for the people, for being pro-life and pro-family. For supporting our military, police and all first responders! Just for having common sense and not being a career politician! Thank you for the courage, boldness and strength that you show in the face of pure evil! Thank you for doing what needs to be done for all Americans.

Roxanne Alonzo Atkinson– Thank you for understanding and respecting hard-working Americans who love America. I love you for being the best President in my lifetime. You kept your promises!  You are the only one I trust in Washington!

Kevin Bearden– Great American and patriot!

Connie Braud Heroman– Thank you Mr. President, for being honest, truthful, and keeping the promises you made!

Charles Brister– Thank you for being a true American! God’s blessings to President Trump!

Norma Michaud– Thank you for peace in the Middle East!

Stacy Constant Barnett– Thank you, Mr. President, for standing strong, when anyone else would have given up to the evil of the swamp.  You have been there for every American.  We love your patriotic rallies!! You are the Best President Ever!

Jeff Wittenbrink– Thank you for keeping your promises about the Supreme Court.

Benny Griffin– Thank you, President Trump, for bringing The Lord Jesus back into the White House and much needed sanity and strength in dealing with our enemies throughout the world. Thank you sir!

Brad Thompson– I honor you, President Trump, for your sacrifice and all of the amazing things you accomplished for our nation. You are the ONLY President in my lifetime who kept ALL of his promises. You won this election in the greatest landslide in history. You deserve four more years and the people of America deserve to have you for four more years because we voted for you in record numbers.

Amanda Watts Walker– Thank you for your promises that you delivered

Rose Gunter Dame– I thank you for being another Oskar Schindler!

Denise Waters Amoroso– Thank you for supporting our military and their families.

Melvin Abbott– Thank you for exposing the corruption in Washington

Roxanne Olsen Struppeck– Thank you for valuing human life, for supporting police officers and the rule of law, for fighting corruption and sex trafficking, but most of all for opposing the globalists’ agenda and putting America First!

Susan Raborn– For your funny sense of humor that the left doesn’t get which makes it all the funnier.

Darren Thornton– Thanks for standing up for all Americans, including the unborn. Your support of Israel is too rare in recent years.

Ethel Townsend – The greatest President I ever knew in my 78 years here on earth.

Sylvia Duron – Great man. Greatest President Ever.

Betty Ann Ashby – He accomplished more and loved this country more than any other President in my lifetime. First one was Dwight Eisenhower! So I’ve lived through quite a few. In my opinion he’s the greatest President we’ve ever had.

Sheila Goodwill – Outspoken. Believes in America and the people of America.

Sherry Lynn – I am so thankful for his loyal service as our president “for such a time as this.” He put America first, cut taxes and regulations, built the wall, stood up to China, led a peace deal in the Middle East, jump started our economy, and dealt with the China virus. Where would we be if he hadn’t been elected? I love our “bull in the china shop president!”

Sundae Christine – Thank you.

Shanna Mathews Jumonville– I would thank him for everything he has done. He fought every bit of evil that is in our government and never gave up. He fought for us. God Bless President Trump!

Jewelette Byrd – President Trump has been the best President I’ve ever known in my 71 years, he has done so much for this country. We the people want him as our President and we love him. President Trump loves this country and fights for it and the people Trump 100 percent.

Stacey Slocum LeDoux – I’ve never witnessed a President in my lifetime who loves America like Trump.

Linda Havens Bristow – I would say he has been the best president in my life. I want him to know I appreciate his sacrifice for our country and he will be greatly missed. Our family loves him and are praying for him and his family..

Jonathan Dowdy Sr. – Thank you for four great years! You fought for America! God bless you and yours!

B.C. Wilson – Dear President Trump, I want to take a minute to say thank you. Regardless of what the outcome of this election was (or was not in reality), you deserve my gratitude. Thank you for not plunging the US into another war. Thank you for walking through HELL and back for the American people. Thank you for doing it for free. Thank you for working through the night while my family was tucked safely in bed. Thank you for standing strong and staring adversity in the face. Thank you for keeping GOD in the country I love. Thank you for not backing down when the weight of the world was against you. Thank you for putting your family in the line of fire when you didn’t have to. Thank you for standing up for women. Thank you for not being a politician, but rather a True Patriot. Thank you for standing side by side with Israel. Thank you for standing up for the unborn. Thank you for caring about the little guy. Thank you for working harder than any president in my lifetime. Thank you for your service to this country. Thank you for your genuine love and appreciation of our military. Thank you. I believe in your love for America. You have fulfilled every promise you made to me and to America and for that I am thankful. May GOD always bless you and your family. From a grateful American Citizen! Thank you!

Rita Thompson – Thank you for all you did! I’m praying for you.

Kim Suzanne – The most patriotic President ever.

Melissa Davidson – Thank you for giving it your all. You did more than anyone ever  dreamed of. Thank you!

Stephanie Barnett– Thank you Mr. President for your unwavering support of our Constitution, the American people and the good of the world! History will judge you well! We love you!!


Yvonne Salisbury – He was the best President ever, and I thank God for allowing him to lead this country. Trump 2020.

JoAn Gilmore – Keep draining the swamp! The only President that has kept his promises. Thank you for standing strong and being the greatest leader in America History for we the people.

Rebekah Edge – Thank you for everything you will always be my president.

Julia Simon Kocke – Please don’t give up on us. We need you now more than ever. We love our freedoms and don’t want them taken away.

Bill Buckner – Our Greatest President ever. He served us, with all his heart, guts, and honor. And he did this all for free, while getting hammered 24/7 by the demoncrats…Thank you, we love you.

Chris Crownover  Thank you sir, I pray protection over you and your family.

Daphne Johnson – Thank you for all you have done for us!! God be with you and keep you and your family!!

Jeremy David Crowe – I apologize for America that we didn’t appreciate your political outsider administration and what you were trying to accomplish for our nation. The new incoming admin will show us how truly different and unique you were to the typical political landscape of politicians.

Michelle Cain – Thank you President Trump for standing up for what is good and Godly and trying to right the wrongs that have been made in our country by people in power. Thank you that even though other government officials and citizens of our nation have criticized you and tried to ruin your name you have stood tall and not given up or thrown in the towel! I am grateful beyond words.

Wreba Clark – Like our original patriots, he gave it his all. His love of the country shone in his eyes.

Marina Bates – Thank you Sir. We the people stand with you.

Renee’ Adkins-Fulks – Thank you President Trump for being the best president in my 60 years. You took a failing economy to booming in a short time. Your accomplishments for the American people are numerous and you did not deserve the extreme investigations and non stop attacks from the left the whole four years in office.

Virginia Figirova – Thank you for all the good things you did on behalf of the American people. Praying this won’t be the last we see of you. This country needs you and I’ll never stop from supporting you.

Earlene Kimmell – We praise God for you, no one ever loved America and the American people and Christians and Israel like you. No President ever fought for us and for America’s FREEDOM. Thank you. I love you and your family, thank you. You will always be our President. God Bless you and your Family.

Deborah A Marks Moore – I know God had a hand on President Trump, and God will use him in a mighty way. President Trump is for the people.

Buddy Hawks – Thank you for four great years! Best president ever!

Mert Davis – Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for caring for the American people! We love you and God bless you and family, President Donald J. Trump!

Gloria June – I love you!

Kelly Budde – Can’t wait for you to be inaugurated so we can start our next four years over in peace and harmony.

Tiwana Ritchie– He’s not done yet! Praise God!

Tanga King-Hollins – Goodbye to the worst President ever.

Brandi Campbell Biden is the worst! Leave Trump alone.

JoAnn StatomThank you. We would never have known how deep the swamp was if you hadn’t run for President.

Kent Allain President Trump accomplished more in his first year than any of his predecessors accomplished in four years.

Helen Simon Welcome to four more years. You won. We won. God will prove it.

Sasha Rowan– Best President ever.

Melicia A. Broussard– First President to attend a Pro-Life rally in person. Thank you Mr. President Trump! Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Our continued prayers for you and your family!

Ann Broughton Belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

Carolyn Tennison There will never be another president like you. Thank you Sir.

Shnee Carter Dear President Trump you are the Best President in my Lifetime! You and your Family brought back Dignity, Honor, Respect and Love to the White House! America’s President, we Love You!

Glenn Simoneaux Dear Mr. President, I totally get you.

Cara Kaltenbach Praying for you.

Rebecca Collins Thank you for loving and putting the American people first. I will always believe God chose you for such a time as this. Be encouraged in knowing the truth will always prevail and may God bless you always Mr. President.

Charlene Bowers-Scott – Please don’t leave us. America needs you.

Zeigler Marvin – A President who kept his promises in spite of being harassed for four years.

Peggy Stephens We can never repay the sacrifices you have made! May God guide and protect you always. Thank you for all you have done.

Charity Wright It is a honor to have you as my president. God knows all and sees all and is in control. Peace and blessings to you and our beautiful First Lady.

Barbara Peevy God’s appointed one..

Benjamin Chen Thank you for everything you’ve done for our country

Erik Adams America isn’t in a better place. And you as a leader are a part of that.

Elsie Criner The greatest president in history. You WILL be missed

Kayla Poole Herring –I’m eating crow. I was anti-Trump. You proved me wrong. You did good.

Kathy Billiot – Our great God said He never leaves us, never forsakes us. You are a great man for our country Mr. Donald J. Trump,  the best president we ever had!

Jason Shoemaker – Best president in my lifetime.

Judy Peters – Thank you for all you have done for the American People. You have been the best President that we have ever had and we love you and your family. You have a beautiful wife and she should have been on every magazine in the world.

Kirk Lee – Thank You! Great Job! Trump 2024!

Annette Rafferty – Thank You for your effort and sacrifice to make us great. You are really for us the people.

Lester Francis   Thanks for exposing the evil of the Democratic Party. May God bless you and your family!

Amy Fox – Thank you for working so hard for us and for exposing the corruption and theft happening. Declassify everything and let the chips fall where they may. We deserve the whole truth.

Michael Meyers – Amazing job, thanks for the fight, please continue the fight to rid us of the evil.

Rose Loehr – Thank you for loving America.

Rachel Green – You are a modern day George Washington! Thank you for fighting for the true Americans. I’ve been honored to have you as my President!

Kitty Sibley Morrison – With a grateful heart, I reflect on the outstanding and unprecedented Christian leadership our nation has experienced during your presidential term. Standing against abortion, the thoughtful and deserved pardons, no wars, and the MLK National Park are the first things that come to mind in my thankfulness. Your example of charitable giving, hard work, and love for family and country is unsurpassed.

Teal Austin – Where we go one, we go all! We will win our great Republic again! The people have spoken and are fed up! MAGA!

Kathy Carnell Fowle –Thank you for everything you’ve done for the American people and for our Country. You’re the Best President in my lifetime.

Laura Gray – Best President of all time!!!

Charlie Rohrbacher– Four more years.

Ashlea Rand – Thank you!

Ruth A. Speirs – Thank you for standing for us and for the many sacrifices you and your family have made. May all eyes be opened to the good you’ve done for our country.

Yvonne Jones– Thank you for keeping promises you made, for allowing our economy to flourish, for the respect you gave our military men and women, and our beautiful country. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

Anthony Pitts – As a disabled veteran, I want to thank him for all that he did to improve our VA health system. Also, the greatest President in my lifetime.

Janet Gaar – He’s the People’s President. He does everything for America, fights for us everyday, and doesn’t even take a paycheck. Greatest President Ever!

Tina George – God bless and thank you.

Judy Carraway Masters– Truly a President who loves our great country and honors our flag. A President of and for the People! Thank you for your relentless courage President Trump!

Mary Martin Thompson – The Next Time God Gives You a Chance Please Be Fair to All. Stop Lying So Much and Call for a Peaceful Transfer Of Power. That’s the Christian Way!

Sue Kelley Woodlief – Thank you President and The First Lady for all you did for us “Deplorables.” I wish you peace and love. You love The USA and deserved better than how you were treated by the opposition.

Jerry Evans – Thank you and keep your head up and Jesus loves you.

Angela Muncy– God bless you Mr. President and First Lady. Thank you for all hard work and fighting for us. Most of all for putting the Lord first.

Stephanie Bruser – Thank you, sir.  We are praying for you, and your family.

Theresa Milford – I’m praying for you in Jesus Name!

Renee N Rocky Curtis – Continue making America Great Again. I’m with you.

Deborah Burkhamer Cox – Best President ever!! Thanks for truly loving and fighting for our Country. God’s will be done with those who fought against you.

Judith Johnson – THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for all you have done. A mighty man of valor you are. Will always say, TRUMP 2020!!!

Mark Steudlein – Thank you for everything you have done for the USA and everything you tried to do. The one thing that I hate is you never put Hillary in jail.

Cindy Lawson – So thankful for all you have done and tried to do for America and its people! So thankful for what you tried to do, but couldn’t because of the evil rulers in high places! We love you and were blessed to have you as our great leader! Make America Great Again in Jesus name!

Jean Wiggins – Thank you Mr. President.

Joy Young – Thank you for your passion for the U.S. people and military. Thank you for having my Lord’s Name, Jesus, prayed and said in The White House. You are one tough cookie for dealing with The World against you!

Donnie Jean Brasfield – Great Leader Sir.

Rhonda Crocker Bice – Thanks for everything you have done to help America!

Brian Tassin – Thank you for standing up for America and truly loving your country, and its people. And for being such a great patriot! Thank you for your Service!

Kandy Belding Choate – Thank you for all you have done for are country. Many prayers for you and your family.

Marilyn Shoemaker Darnell – Thank you Mr. Trump I am with you and so is my family. Let’s make America great again

Betty Bueche Major – Best president we ever had. We wish him well!

Debbie Jackson Howard – Thank you for loving America! My apologies for all you and your family have had to walk through the past four years! God bless you and yours!

Calista Duncan Denney – We the people love you Mr. President! We continue to pray for you and stand behind you! Thank you for all you have done for our America!

Chad Dechow – Let it all out! Thank you for all you have taken for us and thank you for what you have brought back to the United States. Patriotism!

Cristy Tinker – Thank you for loving our country and us and doing what you promised. You’re the only president in my lifetime to keep your word and the only one I remember to proclaim Jesus as Lord publicly. Thank you.

Julie Gregory – Man of power for the hour we live in. Thank you for standing with the Christians and with Israel. May God bless and keep you safe in Jesus lovely name!

Gerald Dawson – He was the best president of my lifetime and will be remembered by those who loved and supported him as The Peoples President.

Lynn Breazeal – Appreciate your great efforts. Successful in large part, even with the constant distractions.

Helen Comeau – We are so glad to have you as president. You kept your promises and did everything you said you would do. You love America and the American people but above all you obeyed God’s Word. God has used you my friend. God bless you and your family, the best is yet to come, in Jesus name amen!

Jodie Boulware – I wish you good things and prayers. Thank you will not be enough for what you have done for our USA. I’m sorry you had to see all the ugly there in the swamp.

Barbara Carden White – I’m so sorry for the way you have been treated by the Democrats and the other side. I love that you are a God fearing man and pray diligently for you.

Rebekah Hagan – He isn’t going anywhere! Hang on Patriots we are in for a bumpy ride but Trump will be President for four more years.

Angela Self – Thanks for doing everything possible you could do for America!! Will keep you in my prayers, know you will do everything you possibly can as long as you can. America Needs You!!

Kimberly T. Powers– Thank you for being fearless and tireless while keeping the promises you made to the citizens of this great country.

Donna Kivett Burgess – May Jesus, bless and keep you, fill you with the Fire of The Holy Ghost, and Baptize you President Donald John Trump in HIS NAME JESUS! We stand with you we love and pray for you and your family.

Anita Ebarb– Thank you for staying true to who you are and your platform. God Bless!

Travis Bowlin– Thank you Mr. President for loving America the way you do. You have been the best President in my lifetime. Thank you for always putting America first.

Chris Singley – I want to say thank you, President Trump for standing for America, but mostly for Christian values and our Great God. Prayers for you. God Bless.

Rocky N Veronica Flinchum – He was the best, always will be, drain the swamp, and thank you, for always praying in my Savior’s name and not being ashamed and having a back bone. You’re the best!

Barbara Stephens – He did nothing! Check his record. It speaks for itself.

Kasey Smith – Nope he did nothing. You only want to believe he didn’t do anything because you don’t like him and that is what MSNBC, MSN and CNN are feeding people. I don’t agree with what happened on the 6th by any means. It was very hypocritical. But he has made some pretty big accomplishments.

Liz Boo – Thank you for all your hard work and keeping your promises!

Judy Hightower– Most awesome president. I don’t know of anyone who could go thru what he’s been thru and still want to be president! Shame on some folks.

Paul Womacks– Mr. President, thank you for still standing tall even though the media and the Democrat Party hated you. We the people know you love this great Country. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Mary Lloyd – Thank you for your love of Americans. Keep your faith and always trust in Jesus to guide you.

• Terrie O’Guinn— Thank you for loving America and the people. Together we stand as one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Crystal De Jaynes– Thank you Sir, I am honored to have lived through the best presidency of the USA. We love you. May God bless and keep you always.

Kathy Noto– Thank you, sir! You are the bravest and strongest human I know.

Alan Summerhill “Thank you!”

Heather Yuill Sullivan – Best President Ever!

Willard Brie – I will pray for you.

Billy Tugwel – Great job!  Stay!

Tracy E Middleton – God Bless you! We are with you! It’s time to expose all the evil! And make the arrests.

Daisy Gonzales Dela Victoria – We love you.

Lily Ursos – Thank you for standing and loving America and Israel. God will protect and bless you and your family. Satan is so furious at you but the God of Israel is more powerful!

Laura Sheldon – Honest. Truthful. Respectful. Caring. Considerate to the whole of humanity. I’m from Liverpool. UK, and I support him 1,000 percent. I wish he was here. I love him and Melania. May golden light surround him forever!

Bertha Norto – He has been the best president we have had. He cares about making America great again.

Rhonda Ros – Thank you for your sacrifices, hard work and patriotism. You are the best. May God bless you.

Papaw Run – Thank you for your service! You’re the best President in history! God will fight your battles!

Medina Bates – God bless you President Trump and your wife and family. You have done so much for our country and now our country is going to go backwards. You gave it your best shot for us and did it with no pay and for that I am totally grateful! God bless you in your coming years and I pray that you get to run again and win again God bless you and your family!

OliviaCabrera – Very passionate President that stood true to his beliefs and let his yes be yes and no be no. Direct and strong leader who loved and still loves his country!

Tina Barke – This country needs you. Don’t give up. We stand behind you 100 percent!

Janett Munley – God has a plan for your life. You were chosen for the position you filled. Look to God for your next move. Blessings to you and your family.

Debbie Barker – The Lord has kept his hand upon you, used you for such a time as this; protected and shielded you all this time. Please turn to him, allow him to be your Lord and Savior; he loves you. I also want to thank the Lord, He made you the most sincere, caring President I have ever seen. I give the Lord all the Glory, the Honor, and Praise.

Sandra Campbell — Thank you for fighting for the people. The best. Never bowed down!

Barbara Roberts –The Best President Ever! I thank you for all you have done for this Country and the American people! God Bless you Always!

Beverly Sander – Always trusted everything he said. Thank God he allowed us to be served with the best president ever. Prayers for him and his family! Always we love you Trump 2020!

Bonnie Knight– President Trump you are the best! We love you, and I hope you are going to be our President four more years.

Mary-Sue Bostic – Thank you President Trump for all your hard work and dedication to helping our country and the American people. You are the BEST President ever.

God bless you and your family.

Pam Boggs Hoagland – Best President Award goes to Donald Trump!

Rebekah Church – Thank You seems so inadequate after all you’ve sacrificed for our great country. And so we pray: We pray God pours out endless blessings upon you that you don’t have room enough to receive. We feel your love and America has spoken. She loves you back!

Laverne Fleming Songy – Mr. Trump, I Pray the Lord Jesus touches your heart and mind in a mighty way so you can know Him for yourself and not what no one else has told you.

Vicki Franks – The best President that we’ve ever had. Thank you for everything. A man and a family that loved God, country and family. My prayer is that God will keep you and yours in his care and his angels of protection will continue to hover over you.

David Kitchen– Every promise he declared is every promise he kept. Thank you!

Lauren Joines Cupp– Mr. President you are God sent and we thank you for taking a stand for the American people and not backing down. Nothing you did went unnoticed or will ever be forgotten! We believe in you and are very proud of everything you have accomplished despite of all the things you had to go through and your family had to go through that we will never truly understand. You and yours are always in our prayers… Thank you.

Lynn Worley– The best President ever! God Bless you!

Rebecca Raab– Thank-you for doing your best to protect us from losing our religious freedom and the life of the unborn. I loved when you called out the fake news! Praying for you!

Mary Henderson – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading your sincere love for the USA to everyone. The American people love you. We have come to know you and respect you, Our Greatest President, the People’s President.

Lynne Policastro McGrath – Thank you President Trump for your service. The People’s President. We will never forget what you did for America.

Chris Myhre – Best President ever sent by God by the prayers of His saints for the propagation and longevity of His Kingdom on Earth and for blessing and prosperity upon His children and those that have ears to hear the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ.

Amy Gille– A President for the People, a President who kept his promises.

Kathy Hartman– Thank you sir! There are many of us who know your agenda was for America and her people! Don’t loose heart!

Janie Norris Goines– Stay Strong. America needs you. I know I do. Have been praying for you and will continue.

Wayne Williams– I love you President Trump, and think you are the best president ever!

Christine Marie– He is the strength and courage that America needed, and needs more than ever right now. Trump 2020 – won in a landslide.

Tonie Goodin– Praying for you and your family. Thank you for all you have done for American people the past four years.

Elisabeth Licavoli– Thank You President Trump for all you’ve done for America ! Your’re a true warrior and leader!

Glenn M. Silvia – Love President Trump!

Barbara Browning Draper– Thank you, President Trump, for being steadfastly pro America, pro Israel, and pro life for the unborn. Thank you for your attention to those in prison and to exploited and abused women and children. Thank you for standing up against the enemy, both foreign and domestic.

Olutimilehin Akinbode– Well done, Mr. President. You did in four years what your predecessors could not do in eight years. You have restored dignity through strength to the United States of America. Americans need you for four more years in these uncertain times.

Jody Schroeder Marks–Best President in US history! A legend.

Amanda Canard– Love, honor, commitment, and respect. A True leader is what you are. Thank you for all your hard work. and dedication. God bless you and your family.

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