Bodi White Is Solid Choice for Mayor-President

In choosing a Mayor-President,  our newspaper is looking for the candidate who can give confidence to our citizens that East Baton Rouge Parish has a future — that we will not become another New Orleans or Detroit.  We want a Mayor-President who will end the exodus of hard-working, middle income families to surrounding parishes and who will bring families like that back to EBR.
Middle income families have been leaving because of poor public schools and high crime.  The only way to stop the exodus is to elect leaders who will give us good public schools and safe streets.
That candidate is Sen. Bodi White. His background in law enforcement and his many accomplishments in education reform make him uniquely qualified to attack our two biggest issues — crime and education.
After 13 years in the Louisiana House and Senate, Sen. White has taken a stand on all of the major issues of our time.  That record is one of a fiscal conservative who believes in limited government, law and order, good public schools, and better roads and highways. He is solidly pro-free enterprise and pro-small business.
In addition to his years as a homicide detective, he has worked in the legislature for laws to protect all of us but especially women.  His statutes to protect women from stalking and to punish home invasions were landmark legislation.
As chairman of the legislature’s Homeland Security Committee, he has had a leading role in protecting us against terrorism and assisting our citizens when there is a natural disaster. During the Flood of 2016, Bodi was a true leader who warned of the seriousness of the flooding.  He was in the forefront — from filling sandbags at the fire station to meetings with the governor — doing everything possible to help people.
Bodi White authored landmark legislation which created the Central school system, which is now the No. 4 school system in the state.  He is committed to quality public and private schools.
He has worked hard for widening of I-10 and I-12 and a host of other worthwhile projects.  He has an aggressive plan to improve our roads and highways in both north and south Baton Rouge.
Sen. Bodi White has been endorsed for Mayor-President by the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish, the Realtors, and the Homebuilders, and we are proud to add our voice in endorsing Bodi White for Mayor-President.

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